Forging Opportunity

Solving Problems

Gryphon Partners is a global advisory firm focused on emerging and frontier markets.

Emerging and frontier markets offer tremendous opportunities, but the challenges to doing business in these markets are real. Gryphon Partners was founded by Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad, the former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan, Iraq, and the United Nations. Following his return to public service in 2018, the company continues to be run by his team building upon over a decade of experience assisting clients to resolve issues, solve problems, and implement practical solutions in some of the world’s most exciting and challenging emerging and frontier markets.

We know that every developing national and regional market presents unique challenges. Our team offers personal engagement and on-the-ground assistance in some of the world’s toughest markets. Each market, and each industry within each market, requires a tailored approach to successfully achieving goals and solving problems.

Our roster of on-call experts includes former U.S. and International Ambassadors, as well as persons and partner companies familiar with the legal, financial and political considerations of doing business in challenging and transitional environments. In addition, our extensive experience enables us to offer unique access to unparalleled in-country relationships, and an extensive network of corporate partners across multiple sectors and geographic regions to help our clients realize their goals.